Intelligent, End to End Project and Portfolio Management

Selecting the right projects to implement, relative to strategic priorities and available resources, in addition to executing projects both on-time and on-budget, from anywhere, can make the difference to your company staying ahead in a hyper-competitive, digital world.

Unfortunately, the majority of projects often fall short of their potential, as a recent study by the Project Management Institute* found.

  • Only 41% of surveyed companies with EPM reported high alignment between projects and strategy.
  • Only 69% of projects meet their goals.

*Source: Project Management Institute. “Pulse of the Profession: The High Cost of Low Performance 2018.”


Deploy Microsoft PPM immediately – within a matter of hours – and benefit from over 17 years of implementation experience with PPMfast.


Identify, with greater certainty, which projects will deliver optimum ROI; know which projects to start and which to refuse based on available resources and strategy

PPMfast Mobile

Manage projects when you are on the move

Microsoft PPM

Microsoft’s trusted solution for optimizing projects and driving results, provides the foundation for your intelligent, end to end project management lifecycle

This is where Prosperi can help. Prosperi enables intelligent, end to end Project and Portfolio Management for the Modern Workplace, using Microsoft PPM as a foundation

Unlike other vendors, Prosperi provides:

  • Rapid deployment – within hours – using unique, dynamic templates based on over 17 years experience,
  • Seamless and intelligent integration with all necessary services such as capital expenditure, analysis, and collaboration to optimize the End to End Project and Portfolio Lifecycle,
  • A modern user experience to ensure teams are inspired to collaborate and execute on the most cost effective, strategic projects, from anywhere.

We can deploy solutions in a flexible way to meet your requirements, for example:

  • Individually
  • Together – in a phased/modular approach.
  • As a complete end to end platform for project and portfolio management.

In Summary

With seamless integration between all services required in the end to end project and portfolio management lifecycle, Prosperi is able to help you maximize your investment in Microsoft PPM and deliver the right, quality projects on-time, and on-budget, from one unique platform.


 Can you… Optimize projects, drive results?

    1. Quickly and dynamically deploy PPM? …Within hours?
    2. Identify which projects to start, with greater certainty, and use this information to pre-populate Microsoft PPM?
    3. Work from anywhere? …With a Modern User Experience?
    4. Collaborate on any type of project? …In a secure environment?
    5. Always operate with the latest functionality?
    6. Provide full visibility and adhere to compliance mandates?
    7. Analyze patterns, run reports, share information and insights?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, call us so that we can help you to optimize your projects and drive results today!


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