Maximize your investment in Microsoft PPM and deliver the right, quality projects on-time, and on-budget, from one unique platform


As organizations try to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions, drive transformation (digital or otherwise), and achieve more with less, the focus on managing projects effectively, is even stronger. No-one has the luxury of time to “figure things out”.

Project and Portfolio Management solutions are essential enablers in driving transformation initiatives.

Prosperi is an award-winning Microsoft partner, providing intelligent End to End Project and Portfolio Management for the Modern Workplace, using Microsoft PPM as a foundation.

With seamless integration between all services required in the end to end project and portfolio
management lifecycle, we have been empowering clients and delivering transformational projects for over 17 years. Our unique solutions and services expertise, both on-premise and Cloud, have been deployed across many industries and functional areas.


Intelligent, End to End Project and Portfolio Management

Getting your projects up and running is an easy, 3 step process. So you can be sure your time is spent focusing on the delivery of results.

  1. Deploy Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) within a matter of hours using PPMfast’s unique, rapid deployment templates.
  2. Identify which projects will deliver optimum return on investment via seamless integration with IsCapex (optional step)
  3. Empower teams to drive results with a modern user experience, and with full collaboration and analysis capability built-in*.

We believe in using the same tools in-house, that we provide to you, our clients.

At least 50% of our total staff are fully accredited Microsoft certified professionals and consultants.

So, whether you are using our unique, rapid deployment templates and implementation services, or custom integration services, you can be assured you are working with attentive, highly capable and knowledgeable technical staff – both pre and post implementation.

Solutions can be purchased individually; in a phased/modular approach, or as a complete end to end platform for project and portfolio management.

*via seamless integration with Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft PowerBI respectively.


Prosperi solutions and services benefit many individuals, including:

Project Managers

As a project manager, you need robust solutions and a trusted partner to enable set-up and management of projects on-time and within budget.

Did you know?

“Improved visibility into project performance reduced project budget overruns by 5%”, according to a recent report.*

With Prosperi, you can benefit from:

  • Visibility into project performance, which allows for timely decision making and the ability to address issues as they arise, preventing project delays and associated budget overruns.
  • Streamlined reporting and reduced administrative workload, enabling you to be more productive and increase your annual project throughput, in addition to generating savings.

Chief Financial Officer and other Executives

As an executive, you need greater clarity about which projects to start and which to reject, based on their fit with strategic initiatives, and their ability to provide a return on investment within a given timeframe.

Did you know?

According to a recent report*, “the expected ROI for companies that adopt Microsoft PPM” is approximately “301%”

With Prosperi, you can benefit:

  • From improved visibility into strategic initiatives, cost/benefit analysis, and potential cost savings.
  • By analyzing deployment options, which can also reduce costs. For example, migrating to a cloud-based SaaS PPM solution, reduces annual maintenance and infrastructure costs, in addition to software upgrades.

Project Teams

As a team member, you need the ability to easily and effectively collaborate, and analyze project performance, to deliver your collective best, and drive results for the business.

Did you know?

“Improved resource management” led to over $3.1 million in savings over a three year period, according to a recent report.*

With Prosperi, you can benefit:

  • From rapid deployment, intelligent end to end project and portfolio management, and a modern user experience. Project teams will intuitively be able to collaborate on, and analyze project performance to deliver results, in the office or on the road.
  • By aligning skillsets more effectively and providing the ability to manage resource pools, additional savings can be realized, not to mention gains in employee and worker satisfaction.


Project and Portfolio Management solutions are essential enablers in driving business transformation and results.

According to a Forrester Research Inc. report*, the Top 5 reasons for using Project and Portfolio Management solutions are: 

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Gaining visibility into project performance
  • Improving resource management
  • Improving business agility and scalability
  • Optimizing capex and opex spending

The same report also cited many benefits. For example:

– Avoiding Budget Overruns – “Visibility into project performance could help reduce budget overruns by 5%?

– Productivity – “PMs were able to increase their project throughput by 14%” because Microsoft Project allowed them to be more efficient on a day-to-day basis.

– Improved Resource Management – “13% increase in resource productivity due to having better-aligned skillsets on projects as well as 25 hours of project delay reductions due to resource unavailability”.

– Better Alignment of Strategic Priorities and Projects“75% of survey respondents who were able to optimize their project portfolios saw better alignment of strategic priorities and projects” by using a Microsoft Project based solution.


Benefits such as reduced infrastructure costs and better resource management, not to mention reduced risk, and adherence to compliance mandates are all important characteristics in making the transition to becoming a digital business.

Even more vital is the ability to define a strategy to get there, and have a solution that enables delivery on this promise.

At Prosperi, our passion is Project and Portfolio Management. In over 17 years deploying solutions to the market, we have seen, directly, the benefits that a robust Project and Portfolio Management solution can bring.

Take, for example, Santo Antonio Energia. Their goal was optimizing efficiency but at the same time they were able to reduce costs too.

  • “With the adoption of Microsoft PPM, our objective was not necessarily to reduce costs, our focus was on optimizing efficiency. However, we were extremely pleased to be able to optimize our finances too. We expect savings of 3.5% to 4%”. (Santo Antônio Energia)

Time savings are money savings. Don’t just take our word for it. Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact report and contact us today to see how we can help make your projects a success.

*Source: Forrester. “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 PPM.” December, 2015.


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